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We are a specialty trader of collectible Magic the Gathering and Disney Lorcana trading cards, merchandise, and art based in Miami, Florida. From modern cards to tune up a starter deck to that unique piece of MTG or Lorcana history, we've got something for everyone.

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We ship our carefully packed, vetted inventory throughout the USA and select inventory internationally. We update our inventory of Magic the Gathering and Disney Lorcana singles, Secret Lair and limited edition products daily. Follow the link below for 5% off our TCG Marketplace pricing!

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Patagium Games maintains a stock of unique and rare inventory, including original Magic the Gathering art, artist proofs, Serialized Secret Lair cards, vintage and graded Magic the Gathering and Lorcana, foreign language Lorcana and Magic, tournament prize cards, promotional event cards, etc. These items do not appear in our quick-ship inventory, however if you are a collector looking for something unusual or special, chances are we have it or can find it for you. Shop a selection of our Gallery Inventory here.

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